About Us

I started Kelder Threads in 2011, when my kids were small and I cut back my hours at my corporate job. It was a way for me to earn a little extra money to help support our family, or for extra treats, while still being at home for my kids. My mom taught me everything I know (thanks Mom!) and I like to think I’ve learned enough along the way that I’ve taught her a few things too!

In the beginning I made a baseball hat for my husband, gifts for a few friends and family, and a couple of cute tote bags as birthday gifts — and the rest is history. Word-of-mouth is a powerful marketing tool and the business continues to grow! Now I do embroidery work for associations, businesses, clubs, and particularly fire departments and unions.

As the business has grown I’ve chosen to keep the footprint small and continue to operate out of my home. Having teenagers now, I still like to be available as much as possible. I’ve added additional embroidery machines over the years, and when things get busy my husband, kids, and mom will help out. So while the shop is in the basement (kelder), the quality and service you’ll receive from me are top-notch.